Thursday, August 13, 2009

I'm Back BlogSpot!!!

Life has changed A LOT over the past 7 months since my days of journaling about being pregnant. On January 12 I gave birth to my beautiful daughter Payton Caroline. She’s the best gift God has given me (besides my wonderful husband, family and friends of course!) From the second Payton was born I loved her like I never knew I could love anyone…she’s amazing!

Fast forwarding to today, Payton is 7 months + 1 day. She loves to smile, bounce, and has a tooth coming in (hey, it’s a big milestone)!

Dave is awesome! He’s playing baseball for the Dayton Wolves (his 6th season), still in sales at Lexis, and has really been enjoying life with Payton...he's a great daddy (and oh, I must mention he's addicted to watching HBO’s Hard Knocks)!

As for me, I’m back to the grind (I mean work), at LexisNexis – haha! I’ve been loving the summer and spending lots of days at the pool with Payton, Dave & friends. The weekends are my sanctuary. However, recently I’ve embarked an exciting adventure…I’ve started my own custom invitation company – Sweet Prints! I’ve always wanted to use my creativity, so it’s a perfect outlet for me. Where do I find time to fit it all in?! I have no idea…but I’m lovin’ it! I owe my newfound “I can do everything” attitude to my daughter and supportive husband. I’ve been inspired by Payton to create simple, stylish, and classic announcements/invitations. Yes, you read that right – a 7 month old has inspired me to go for my dream. I’ve told many people, Payton has taught me more than I’ve taught her thus far and I believe it’s 100% true. After co-creating Payton’s birth announcements I knew this was the right path for me.

So that’s been life with the Schindlers over the past several months. If you’d like to follow my next journey in creating/designing custom announcements/invitations for Sweet Prints please check back regularly to see what I’ve been up to! Also, please feel free to contact me for any custom greetings needed in your life! I'd love to work with you!!!!

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